VICENTERRA in the Rally Raid Dakar 2017 with Loïc Minaudier

VICENTERRA is proud to announce its second sport challenge!

VICENTERRA in the Rally Raid Dakar 2017 with Loïc Minaudier

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Join the adventure by sponsoring this fearless pilot. The sponsors will be chosen in february 2017.


The Rally Raid Dakar, at the other end of the world… From 2 till 14 January 2017.



The French pilot native of Aveyron was classified in the 4th place of the World Championship of the BAJAS 2016

Sponsor Loic Minaudier at the level of CHF 500.- and you will automatically participate in the big drawing lots.


The 1st price is a watch VINCENTERRA GMT 3 titanium black mate at CHF 9800.- HT This guard time,

engraved “Pilote moto Loic Minaudier – Team Nomade Racing – Rallye Raid Dakar 2017”

Loic Minaudier’ will be in possession of the pilot and his team during all the race.


The 2nd price is a luxury phone case for an Iphone 6, created by the Furious Chihuahua at CHF 3’000.- HT.


Account ID : Bank CIC (Switzerland) limited company

Avenue de la Gare 1,

CH -1701 Fribourg

cpte N° 3708990.2002 Beneficiary

=> Dakar 2017 – Pilot Loic Minaudier

N° IBAN CH93 0871 0037 0899 0200 2


Regulation : the drawing lots is exclusively reserved for the sponsors/donors supporting the pilot Loïc Minaudier duringhis participation in the Rally Raid Dakar 2017. An account was opened to gather funds of support. The campaign of sponsoring is opened until December 15th 2016. You will receive a confirming receipt in the end of December 2016. The drawing lots will be organized in the places of the Team Nomade Racing, within 15 days after the return of the equipment (motorcycle, truck of assistance, etc.)

Contacts :

Loïc Minaudier

Team Nomade Racing

We thank quite particularly Team Nomade Racing and tea Furious Chihouahoua for this magnificent partnership.