Terms of sale

How to order, Conditions & Sale, Deliveries.

A. General Conditions

A .1 By ordering one of our products and signing a contract with our company, the client expressly accepts the provisions described below. We recommend a careful reading of all the conditions of sale and delivery below.

A.2 This website is published and operated by VICENTERRA SA, Rue du Stade 1, 2926 BONCOURT, Suisse, tél +41 32 475 59 56, E-mail customer@vicenterra.ch.

B. Legal Capacity

B.1 By signing the contract or sending an order, the client shall be guaranteed of having the civic majority and that he/she has full legal capacity to contract. In case of doubt, it expressly authorizes the company to take the useful information to this title.

C. Order Process

C.1 To implement a contractual relationship, the Client should download the request a sales contract (PDF) from www.vicenterra.ch, completes it, and returns via e-mail or postal mail to the company.

The company is allowed to renounce this step and directly signs a sales contract with the customer.

C.2 On the basis of the request a sales contract (PDF) received, VICENTERRA SA will confirm by an e-mail, taking into consideration the client’s order.

C.3 A signed sales contract will be sent to the client via postal mail. This contract will not be valid until the client returns it signed and dated to VICENTERRA SA.

C.4 In the event the required product should be unavailable, the Client will be informed by email and would then either wait for the sales contract or cancel the request by email to customer@vicenterra.ch.

C.5 In any case, VICENTERRA SA shall not be responsible in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the required products.

D. Price and Payment

D.1 All the prices quoted on the website are in Swiss Francs, Euros, U.S. Dollars, and are net prices (do

not include VAT) Shipping and Handling charges are free.

D.2 The prices quoted on the website are indicative and may be changed at any time. Invoiced prices are those in effect on the date of validation of the order.

D.3 The Payment shall be made by Bank Transfer. The Banking details are listed on the sales contract. A confirmation is sent via e-mail as a payment receipt. It allows shipment of the ordered product. The contract will be canceled in the event of non-payment within the contractually agreed time subjected to written appendices signed by both parties.

In all cases, no delivery will take place without prior payment.

D .4 For the deliveries subjected to Swiss law, the seller is responsible for the invoice and cash VAT at the rate in force at the time of signing the contract. For abroad sales, the contract does only mention the price of the object. The buyer is responsible for paying the VAT, customs fees and any other obligatory taxes in the country of delivery. To avoid errors, VICENTERRA SA, recommends the buyers to take all useful information to the concerned authorities. The seller claims no responsibility for the buyer who does not comply with the legal obligations according to the sovereign rights.

The refund process cannot be held if the object was brought in by the authorities of the country of delivery or whilst any serious situation, such as wars, riots, epidemics, strikes etc.

E. Deliveries

E.1 The client will be electronically informed of the departure of the goods. The delivery takes place at the address specified by the customer, within 30 days as a maximum period upon receiving the payment. Other agreements related to any amendment are reserved, written, and signed by both parties in the contract

E.2 Item sending is secured by the Swiss Post, or abroad, via an approved carrier. The shipment is insured by the salesman.

The delivery is only handed over to the recipient against signature. It belongs to the purchaser, as soon as he/she affixes his/her signature, and attests the package to make sure the item is not damaged and is receptive.

In case of damage, the purchaser has the right to refuse the package and restores it to the Swiss post or to the authorized carrier.

In such case, the client is invited without delay to communicate with VicenTerra SA, via email customer@vicenterra.ch or written form and justifies his refusal.

E.3 Regardless of the shipping method selected, we will provide you, as soon as possible, and according to the provided means by the partner in charge of the delivery, a link which enables you to track online the delivery of your package.

F. Transfer of ownership and risks

F.1 The ordered product remains the property of VINCENTERRA SA until the client has paid in full.

F.2 Risk Transfer takes place upon delivery. Risks within the meaning of this provision refer to the responsibility in case of damage, loss of the product, or damage caused by its use, its handling or its storage.

G. Guarantee

G.1 All items for sale on www.vicenterra.ch are covered by a 2-year guarantee as of the date of delivery. If during this period the items delivered present any faults or defects, please contact support@vicenterra.ch for repair work.

G.2 VICENTERRA’s guarantee policy is indicated on our website www.vicenterra.ch under “guarantee”. These are the latest applicable legal terms.

H. Personal data privacy policy

H.1 VICENTERRA SA is committed to preserve the confidentiality of the personal data submitted by clients on the request a sales contract and to use this data in accordance with legal obligations. The VICENTERRA SA internal department may use personal data:

  • to handle orders, invoices and delivery

  • to send sales and events invitations by e-mail

  • to strengthen and personalize communication with our clients, in particular by sending our newsletter, promotional offers and other e-mails.

H.2 Apart from the above mentioned, VICENTERRA SA will not use customer personal data for unsolicited communications; and commits to not selling, renting or otherwise making accessible any customer personal data except for our legal advisers or if a legal disposition or a court decision requires it.

H.3 The request a sales contract contains compulsory fields (indicated by an asterisk (*)). If the compulsory fields are not filled, VICENTERRA cannot answer your request.

H.4 The client may refuse delivery or e-mail invitations and commercial communications from VICENTERRA SA. This can be done by e-mail at support@vicenterra.ch or by normal mail at VICENTERRA SA, 1 rue du Stade, CH-2926 Boncourt, Suisse.

H.5 VICENTERRA SA adapts its privacy policy to legal development.

I. Litigation

I.1 The present contract is governed by Swiss law. VICENTERRA SA cannot be held responsible for any damage, material, non-material or bodily harm, that could result from misuse of commercialized items. This also applies for any changes of the products resulting from manufacturers. In any event the responsibility of VICENTERRA SA shall be limited to the amount of the order and shall not be assumed for simple errors or omissions that may have subsisted despite the precaution it has taken in presenting its products.

I.2 In case of difficulties in implementing the contract, the parties should agree to attempt to resolve them amicably through mediation. In this case, each party proposes a mediator to the other.

Designated mediators try to find a solution. Unless otherwise agreed, each of the parties shall bear the costs incurred by the Ombudsman who has been designated.

J. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

J.1 The General Conditions are subjected to the Swiss Law. The exclusive jurisdiction for all litigations related to these conditions of sale and delivery are at at Porrentruy, headquarters of the judicial jurassiennes authorities.

M. VICENTERRA SA contact address

K.1 To contact our company, send a letter to VICENTERRA SA, 1 rue du Stade, CH-2926 Boncourt, Suisse or an e-mail to vp.admin@vicenterra.ch.

L. Miscellaneous

L.1 The sales conditions are an integral part of the commissioning contract.