His philosophy

The quintessence of style

The ambition of Vicenterra is to transcend the codes of watchmaking. By proposing creations that concentrate emotions and pure technicality, we provide the amateur or collector with some specific and readily recognizable designs.

Throughout the years, starting with the GMT-3 Vol 1 in 2010 to the release of the Tycho Brahe Vol 1 in 2017, Vicenterra has found the right balance within his collection. Our timepieces, as sober as remarkable, offer the perfect alliance between Aestheticism and Functionality.

An invitation to travel

The Earth is being honored in the Vicenterra collection and no piece deviates from this rule. Behind their apparent simplicity lay some ingenious systems allowing you, at a glance, to travel. Thus, the development of a specific movement-module for each model emphasizes the graphic efficiency desired by Vincent Plomb.

The philosophy of Vicenterra is twofold: the creations are based on a universal watchmaking DNA but also on a way of thinking and a unique vision.

A true immersion in Swiss Made

Vicenterra watches are designed in Boncourt, then made and assembled in La Chaux-de-Fond and Porrentruy areas. Each design is therefore manufactured at over 95 % in the Swiss Jura, by craftsmen and companies with know-how and unequaled expertise.

This is the real wealth that we wish to share with you. A full transparency that will allow you to live at the rhythm of the craftsmen who will give life to your Vicenterra timepiece.